Pink Sourdough Croissant

“What if…, the croissants are pink…?”

Pink Sourdough Croissant made with beetroot

Making perfect sourdough croissant is one of the things on my ‘to-master’ baking list. Although I’ve made it many times before, I’m still practicing the art of lamination and tasting out different recipes to achieve my ultimate flaky buttery sourdough croissant.

The other day when I was thinking about croissants (yay, that’s what I often do, thinking about breads when I’m free…), a thought came to my mind.

“What if…, the croissants are pink…?”

Then, I immediately started toying with the idea…  I’ve seen some bakers use beetroot to make lovely pink breads, and was already curious. So, this was my chance to try it out… with my Pink Sourdough Croissant idea!

Pink Sourdough Croissant

Sourdough starter 150g
Strong flour 300g
Plain flour 100g
Milk 150g + Lemon juice 1 (<– this keeps the nice colour of beetroots.)
Beetroot puree 100g
Sugar 50g
Butter 40g
Salt 5g
Butter (for folding in) 250g
Here is the step-by-step “HOW-TO”.
Beetroot purée
I cooked the beetroots and peeled the skin off. Then puréed in the blender until it’s smooth. It was so red that it looked bit like blood… scary…


The dough turned pretty pink!


Pink Sourdough Croissant made with beetroot. Before going in the oven.
 It was a super hot day when I did this, and I must say I struggled with butter folding action…


Pink Sourdough croissant made with beetroot. The inside the bread.
Not as pink as it was before baking. I couldn’t taste the beetroot at all, so it was purely for the visual effect… But still, there is some thing special about the croissants being pink, don’t you think?


The bonus with this Pink Sourdough Croissant is that my daughter eats beetroots without even her knowing it (otherwise, she will never eat them…). And, I’m not a health guru, but beetroots also have a lot of health benefits according to Love Beetroot. This makes me feel less guilty eating a few more of these buttery croissants!



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