Bread Stencil

It’s over 30 degrees in London today, and I’m struggling to move…,  so I’m going to keep this post short and sweet.., ok, not really sweet as it’s about Bread Stencil.

Bread Stencil - French Bulldog face stenciled on a loaf of sourdough bread

Lately, I’m slightly addicted to stenciling on a loaf of my simple sourdough bread. It’s pretty easy to do. Cut out any shapes, images or words you like on a paper. Just before you put the bread in the oven, place the cut out paper on the bread and dust flour, peel off the paper, and bake the bread as usual.

I made my dog’s face on a loaf…French Bulldog sourdough loaf. Don’t ask me why, I love my dog…

Or, here is a more practical Bread Stencil design to tell exactly what the bread is…

Bread Stencil - "chia seed" written on the bread

My favourite Chia Seed looks rather artistic with the stencil.


This one is not stencil but I played around with scoring. It’s another great way to decorate a simple loaf.
It was a “Honey and Oats sourdough bread” so, I tried to make it look like oat plant…

Remember that simple images are easier to work with, but it’ll still look impressive.

What about writing a personal message to your family and friends? Or even, their face if you’re up for a challenge!

Have you seen the stencil birthday cake I made before?

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