My 30th Birthday Cake

Last Sunday, I finally hit the big “Three O” and to celebrate the start of the real adulthood, I did what I always do… made myself “30th Birthday Cake” ;D
My 30th Birthday Cake
This cake is sort of not that special, my usual sponge cake with cream and lots of berries but still it’s my all time favourite cake, so was a perfect choice for my birthday. Andy arranged a cosy party at our new flat (yes, we’re on the move now…and it’s all a bit hectic…) and I had a great time with lovely friends, and of course my husbando, daughter and four legged son. Thank you all for coming!

Going back to my birthday cake, there is always something when I’m making a cake for an event and my birthday cake was not an exception. So, as I was going to bake the sponge cake, I realised that I left the cake tin at the other house, which meat I have no tin for my birthday cake! I had to do the old swiss roll technique. Many of you might know this but for those who don’t, this is what I do. ☟

How to make a round cake without cake tin

For me, whenever the circumstances allow, the cake has to be with fresh cream and fresh fruits. Since the party was at our house I made sure my cake was pretty creamy and each slice came with lots of berries.

My 30th Birthday Cake
Plenty of fresh vanilla cream and thinly sliced sugar macerated strawberries on each layer, and more strawberries, raspberries and blueberries on top.

My 30th Birthday Cake

Thank you, Lana, for helping me blew the candles. She also shared some of her cake with me (but decided to took some of mine… it’s hard to understand the little poeple…).

Thanks again to my friends who came to celebrate my big birthday. I still don’t feel ‘grown-up’ yet and will probably be talking and doing silly stuff anyway…(well, what you call? Peter Pan Syndrome …)

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