Sourdoug Purple Sweet Potato Bagel

It looks pink but it’s a Purple sweet potato bagel made with sourdough starter.
Sourdough Purple Sweet Potato Bagel

My mum was telling me on the phone the other day that she put purple sweet potato powder in her loaf and how it turned out with a lovely colour but didn’t have much of the sweet potato taste. And there, I was already thinking, “I’m going to make purple sweet potato bread too!”

Unfortunately, I can’t find this vivid colour sweet potatoes in the UK easily (you see them in Japan and many other Asian countries). So, I used purple sweet potato powder I brought back from Japan.

This time I made…,

Sourdough purple sweet potato bagel

Starter 115gPurple Sweet Potato Bagel
Strong flour 200g
Plain flour 50g
Purple sweet potato powder 15g
Salt 4g
Milk 150g + Water 20g
Oil 1tsp
Honey for boiling

The sweet potato powder gives the dough more elastic texture than usual plain white dough, and that works perfect for me as I like my bagels to be springy and on a slightly dense side…

Purple Sweet Potato Bagel

I’ve mentioned this before and my mum said the same, but using only the powder doesn’t really do much to the flavour. If you want the taste of sweet potato, add some actual pieces of potatoes. Though, it still gives a pretty girly pink colour to the bread and that’s enough for me to make my daughter happy.;-)

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