Andy’s Birthday Cake – Paris-Brest -


Happy Birthday cake for Andy!

It was Andy’s birthday week last week. (Happy Birthday again, Andy!)  Last Saturday, we did family lunch out followed by this super-duper creamy and nutty birthday cake (?), Paris-Brest.


You might think it’s a strange choice for a birthday cake, but “Choux pastry filled with nut praline cream, but somehow combined with the cream slice’s sensation from last year….” is what the BD boy wanted…

Here is the Praline ‘How-to’.

To start with the nut praline creams. We’ve already tasted the almond and hazelnut praline creams before and we know they are the absolute killer. So, we must have them!

DSC_0460Then, we thought what about other nuts? Like…, pistachio? Yep, we gave it a go and made pistachio praline as well. Wow everyone, that was special too! It tasted bit more exotic and like baklava. Awesome!

I made a thin slice of puff pastry for the bottom of the choux pastry so that we have a bit of crunch and a feel of ‘cream slice’ (yes, I did follow Andy’s request…). The big choux ring has the almond and hazelnut praline. The little choux buns on the top have the pistachio praline. Both mixed with custard cream and whipped fresh cream…

Seriously, what else can get any creamier than that!

DSC_0466(Sorry about the messy photo…)

It was little unusual birthday cake and not the easiest cake to serve but we enjoyed it a lot. And most importantly, Andy loved it. ;D

Here is a little extra for you…



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