French style bread 2

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Here I am again, this is my ‘French style bread at home’ take 2! I’ve changed the amount of water and salt. I also made DIY steam oven by preheating the oven with baking beans and pouring hot water onto them when I put the bread in the oven. There are few other things I tried differently to the last time.

….And…, Look, it’s improved! The crust is looking much better! The flavour was there! However, it didn’t have as many air pockets as I wanted. The ‘slits’ on the bread needs more work.

So things I did this time:
1) 68% water.
2) I used a small amount of dough that I kept from last time. (Apparently at artisan bakeries it’s a know practice to keep a bit of dough to use it next time.)
3) I did ‘knead (or rather fold) and rest 20 minutes’ three times, before I put the dough in the fridge.
4) ‘DIY steam oven’

I’m getting there! Next time, I’m going to get more uneven air pockets!

See previous French style bread

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